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instant grassification

What is “Instant Grassification?”

Have you heard about instant grassification yet? If not, allow us to explain. Instant Grassification is what we achieve for our customers — an instant lawn made of fresh, green sod or synthetic grass. And best of all, it takes minimal time to install! At Instant Lawns, we are...

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Softscaping: Why Does it Matter?

When you’re looking to create a beautiful outdoor living space, you need a combination of hardscape and softscape features. By balancing these two design elements, you can get a fully functional landscape that creates an appealing outdoor space that will compliment your home. At Instant Lawns, we provide softscaping...

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book your spring lawn instillation today

Book Your Spring Lawn Installation Today!

When the snow starts to accumulate on your front yard, do you feel slightly relieved that you don’t have to stare out at a patch of dirt for several months? If this sounds familiar, you can have an attractive looking lawn with a little TLC from the lawn experts....

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