Landscaping Ideas

At Instant Lawns, we understand that no two lawns are exactly alike. That’s why we offer some alternatives to sod when the need arises. When you’re looking to cover low-use or small areas where sodding isn’t appropriate for your lawn, we can provide professional seeding service for your yard. We can help repair any bare patches that have become damaged by pets, disease, or wear and tear. Our professionals can also help revive your lawn with young blades for a more lush and green turf.

With each seeding application, we will determine which type of grass will work well for your particular terrain, climate, and lifestyle. This is an excellent option for homeowners who are on a tight budget or have a number of areas throughout their exterior that require spot seeding or overseeding.

Instant Lawns will make sure that your lawn is seeded correctly in order to create the lush grass you’ve been dreaming of

With each seeding application we guarantee you’ll receive:

  • A minimum of 3” of fresh topsoil
  • Adequate coverage of seed and fertilizer for your yard
  • Minor grading of the topsoil
  • Lawn maintenance and watering Instructions
  • Sprinkler service and set up
  • Friendly and professional service from our expert team

Whether it’s a few small patches or some general worn out areas that need some attention, our experts can help. Instant Lawns is your go-to spot for all of your lawn-related needs.

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