Family owned and operated business

Instant Lawns came to life as an idea in a Tim Hortons on Greenbank Rd across from the local police station. It began with recognition of one important fact. Soft-scaping, and in particular sodding, was grossly neglected by landscapers and too often overlooked despite adding serious return on investments for homeowners.

Ready for the revolutionary idea? We strive to deliver the lushest, greenest lawns to all. We call this Instant Grassification. Supporting that grassification, we have in place an ethos of customer service. We swiftly answer you when you call or email us, are extraordinarily reliable, always deliver what we promise you (on time AND on budget), hire the best employees, and deliver some of the lushest, greenest lawns… kind of refreshing and basic with old-school values eh?

The Instant Lawns Team

Instant Lawns takes pride in being a truly family run business. Currently two Kwiatkowski brothers are managing the company while two other Kwiatkowski siblings works with the crew. The rest of the family helps guide and support the company indirectly. Fueled by their youth and enthusiasm for business, Jacob and Lucas have each found a niche within the company using their respective degrees and experience to contribute to the growth of the company.

Jacob Kwiatkowski

Interlock Specialist / CEO

What is a “curb appeal expert” you ask? A curb appeal expert is a type of landscaper that takes an ordinary landscaping job and turns it into a masterpiece! A masterpiece that can only be created by using top-quality materials, by hiring a multi-talented landscaping crew, and by providing excellent customer service. Jacob has almost ten years of experience working in the landscaping and interlock business. Through multiple summer jobs and personal projects, Jacob has taken the role of landscaper to a new level! Jacob firmly believes that quality matters and therefore does his utmost best to ensure that the Instant Lawns team provides excellent and timely work along with a friendly and open client relationship.

Jacob has graduated from Carleton University with a B.Sc. Mathematics and is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science from the same university. From his love for math, Jacob enjoys finding patterns in his work environment and capitalizing on them to ensure efficiency

Lucas Kwiatkowski

Sod and Turf Enthusiast / COO

From a young age, Lucas has always had a love for landscaping and business. Even when he was 10 years old, Lucas was at work in his community mowing lawns, planting gardens, and collecting and recycling old barbeques to earn money. Between owning a small lawncare company in his teens and spending several summers working as a landscaper in both Edmonton and Ottawa, Lucas has acquired a well-rounded appreciation and understanding of the art of beautifying one’s yard. Without a doubt, he brings a great deal of talent to the sod-covered table at Instant Lawns!

Lucas is currently completing his Honours BCom at the Telfer School of Management.