How to Choose Your Landscaping Contractor Wisely

How to Choose Your Landscaping Contractor Wisely

How to Choose Your Landscaping Contractor Wisely

We’ve all heard at least one horror story from friends or family who’ve hired a bad landscaping contractor. And the truth is, it can be hard to find a reliable one these days. Many are overpriced, overworked, and under skilled. So how can you find one that will be honest, reliable, and exceptional at what they do? Follow these steps to choose your landscaping contractor wisely.

Ask A Lot Of Questions

When you call to inquire about landscaping services, be sure to ask some questions to find out if they really know their stuff. If they avoid answering certain questions, or switch topics every time you bring up the cost, this could be a red flag. Many claim that they are landscaping specialists, when in fact, they are general contractors who wear a number of different “hats” and don’t actually have the experience and skills to deliver the quality work that you’d expect. If you want the project done right the first time, hire an industry-trained landscaping specialist – not a Jack of all trades.

Ensure They Have A Glowing Reputation

A good landscaping contractor should stand proudly behind their workmanship and their reputation. If you can’t find any testimonials or online reviews about the contractor and they won’t provide you with a list of past clients, you should be concerned. Before you hire a contractor, always do a little research to find out if their past clients would hire them again and also recommend them to their friends and family.

Test Their Communication Skills

Does the contractor respond to your emails and phone calls in a timely fashion? Do they treat you with respect? Are they friendly and warm? When it comes to hiring a contractor, communication matters. Working with someone who is quick to respond, has a professional demeanour and strives to provide superior customer service can really make all the difference.

Ask For Photos Of Their Recent Work

It’s easy for contractors to copy a photo and post it up on their website as if it were their own. To ensure you’re not being scammed by a fake contractor, ask for photos of their most recent work or even the name of the area of their last project so you can drive by to see first-hand what type of results you can expect.

Check That They Offer A Warranty

Any reputable landscaper should offer a warranty for their work. If they don’t, you could end up having to pay someone else to fix their mistakes. So always ask to ensure this is included.  

At Instant Lawns, we provide reliable, transparent, and professional landscaping services. When you hire us, you’ll get the level of workmanship that you expect. You’ll always receive reasonable prices, friendly and timely service, and a 90-day warranty when you work with us. To learn more about our services, contact us today!

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