Landscaping Designs We Love This Summer

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Landscaping Designs We Love This Summer

Giving some thought to your landscape design can make all the difference between having a mediocre looking space and one that can offer you the perfect oasis that you can truly enjoy and actually use. If you’re looking for some garden trends to incorporate into your yard this season, check out some of the top trending landscaping designs that we love this summer. 

Simple & Low Maintenance

As more homeowners juggle with their busy schedules, they’re eager to reduce the amount of time they have to dedicate to home and garden maintenance. That’s why simple, low maintenance landscape designs are becoming ever more popular. Using artificial turf, perennial plants, swapping out messy trees for low-maintenance ones, investing in irrigation systems to take care of the watering, and focusing on creative hardscapes are all that’s on trend this year.

Elaborate Staycation Landscapes

With staycations also becoming more of a hot topic among homeowners lately, we’re seeing more backyards being transformed into luxurious retreats where families can enjoy their free time to the max. Rather than enduring airports and suitcases, you can create a lavish design with an elaborate outdoor lounge seating, a fireplace to enjoy those summer and fall nights, and even some over-the-top features, like a lighting system for the pool with tropical style vegetation to make every backyard party feel like a vacation.

Meditative Nooks 

Even a smaller retreat can make the backyard feel like a private oasis. Creating a calming, meditative space in the garden can offer the ideal place to unplug from the world, relax with your favourite book and enjoy some personal time to recharge. Whether you prefer to create a dedicated meditation spot or a soothing lounge area with a trickling water feature to decompress, this tops the landscape designs that we absolutely love this year.

Edible Gardens

Edible gardens are all the rage right now. As more people enjoy the idea of growing some of their own food at home, fruit-bearing trees and designated areas for vegetables are popping up everywhere. Hanging edible gardens or green walls also play off of this trend with alternative ways to grow items with limited space or just up off of the ground if you’re worried about your pet ruining all your hard work.

Want to incorporate any of these landscaping designs into your gardenscape? At Instant Lawns, we can help transform any dull and lacklustre yard into an oasis that you can enjoy and embrace to the max this summer, and throughout the year. Get in touch today to learn about our services here in Ottawa.

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