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Outdoor Water Use in Ottawa in Summer of 2019

Did you know that only about one percent of the city’s central water system is taken out of the river every year? This is why there are no current water restrictions in Ottawa – our river gives us plenty! However, running the water constantly is not only bad for your lawn, but it’s also bad for the environment and your bottom line. If you’ve just about had it with the constant effort it takes to move around the sprinkler to avoid oversaturating your lawn (and those big monthly water bills that come along with it) – we have some tips to help you cut back on your outdoor water use in Ottawa in summer 2019. Check them out below!

Water In The Morning

Morning is the very best time to water the lawn. Before the sun rises, your lawn will soak up the water and use it properly. If you water later in the day, the heat will steal most of the water via evaporation, forcing you to water it longer and costing you more to keep it looking fresh.

Install an Inground Sprinkler System

A smart sprinkler system allows you to customize your watering schedule. All you need to do it set the time and date, and it will automatically turn on. They can also be adjusted during water conservation periods, and some even come with a rain sensor to prevent overwatering.

Keep Watering During A Drought

Even if there’s a drought in the city, it’s important to keep watering. The grass will not go dormant, as some people believe. If you avoid watering your lawn, it could still dry out and die.

Adjust For Different Conditions

Areas that receive partial sun, or are located under trees or are perched on slopes require different amounts of water to stay healthy. So it’s important to take note of the different terrain throughout your lawn so that you can water each section appropriately.

Artificial Turf For The Win!

Imagine replacing your thirsty lawn with one that you’ll never have to water again! That dream can happen almost instantly with an artificial turf lawn. Today’s turf looks just like real grass except that it requires no maintenance, no watering, and no mowing.

When you’re tired of spending countless hours and dollars watering your lawn, it’s time to call Instant Lawns. We can help save you the hassle (and some money) by installing artificial turf around your home! At Instant Lawns, we are committed to providing instant grassification that can beautify your lawn quickly. You’ll never have to worry about watering or maintaining it again! Contact us today to learn more about our services and special offers!