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Start Planning Your Spring Garden Now

Although it may feel far from it, spring really is just around the corner. Why not take advantage of the headstart and begin planning your spring garden now? This will give you a jumpstart in early spring so you can enjoy it to the fullest during the summer, and it’ll help calm any winter fever. Here’s how to get started.

Assess Your Current Garden

Whether you already have an existing garden patch, turf, or some other vegetation in your yard, spend some time looking over it and assessing it. If you already know where you plan to place your garden, think about how it performed in the past. Was the soil always dry and dusty? Did any plants do well in it? Was it engulfed in shade, sun, or both? Were any animals gnawing at your plants? If you don’t know where you plan to create your garden just yet, consider all of these factors when you’re out looking at your landscape. This will help you determine what needs to be remediated or changed, whether it’s improving the soil, choosing the right type of plants, or moving to a sunnier spot.

Consider Your Design

The hardscape of a garden refers to the actual design of it, including any retaining walls or structures involved. So once you’ve nailed down your ideal location, it’s time to think about your new design. What do you wish to create? Scouring through garden magazines or even Pinterest, are great ways to get some ideas and inspire your design. Consulting with a landscaping company can also be a big help if you’re unsure of exactly what you want.

Learning About Your Soil

Ask any avid gardener, and they’ll tell you how fundamental quality soil is for having a lush, vibrant and healthy garden. It dictates which plants and seeds will grow happily and thrive. The three main soil types are loam soil, sand, and clay, with loam soil being the best type for vegetation to grow in. When you stick your shovel in the ground, it should be fairly easy to determine which type you have. Once you understand this, you can move onto the plant stage.

Choose Your Vegetation

The planning phase should of course, also include your vegetation or softscape features. This can be intertwined as you figure out the overall design since the plants are equally as important as the layout. Considering your soil type and think about the different heights of certain plants, the colour scheme, and how it will all look when it comes together. Consulting with a garden expert can also be helpful as they can assist you in choosing the right vegetation for your location.

Once you’re done with the initial planning stages, it’s time to book your landscaping company and then wait till the ground thaws in early spring to get started. At Instant Lawns, our professional team can guide you every step of the planning process and then take care of the installation too. Our professional, reliable, and friendly team of experts can transform your outdoor space into your dream garden. Give us a call to learn more.