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Try These Outdoor Grill Recipes This Weekend

After a long and dismal winter, BBQ season is finally upon us. Now’s the time to get your BBQ fired up, purchase all the ingredients you need, and invite over a slew of your closet friends to enjoy Canada’s favourite pastime. And to get the most out of your grill this season, be sure to whip up one of these delicious outdoor grill recipes!


The Quick and Easy


Honey Ginger Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa

A BBQ is not a BBQ without something a little sweet, tangy and smoky. And this honey ginger grilled salmon with avocado salsa is the perfect recipe. Salmon and cedar are already the perfect couple, but as soon as you add honey soy glaze to the mix, you suddenly realize that you’ve been grilling it wrong all along. This smoky yet sweet concoction is rich in flavour but light enough to enjoy on a hot summer’s day.

Source: Half Baked Harvest


A Little On The Healthier Side


The Ultimate Black Bean Burger

Looking for the perfect meatless Monday BBQ dish? You won’t miss Angus beef with this flavourful yet healthy vegetarian burger. The “Delish” black bean burger mixes mushrooms, onion, avocado, oats and a variety of spices to create a hearty meal that even a die-hard meat-eater will (secretly) enjoy!

Source: Delish


The Primal Grill


BBQ Chicken With Homemade Sauce

If you need a dish that will impress a first date and even your in-laws, this is the one to whip up. A little more complex than your standard chicken on the grill with store-bought BBQ sauce, but it’s worth it! Full of sticky and sweet goodness, you’ll want to save this sauce recipe to use on all your grilled meats this year.

Get The Recipe and Instructions Here: Genius KitchenThe 5 Ingredient Griller


Foil-Wrapped Baby Back Ribs

Want tender, mouth-watering ribs? This is the only recipe you’ll need all summer. Faster than your standard rib recipe, the foil will speed up the cooking process and leave the ribs perfectly tenderized. The rub that goes with this is also dead simple and produces robust flavours that perfectly compliment the meat.

Get The Recipe and Instructions Here: myrecipes


The Perfect Appy!


Caramelized Tomato Bruschetta

Don’t forget the apps! Every BBQ event should have at least one tasty starter on the menu, and this caramelized tomato bruschetta is one appetizer everyone will enjoy. Plus, its quick and easy to do and will leave enough room to still enjoy your entree.

Get The Recipe and Instructions Here: myrecipes


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