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Homeowners and business owners across Canada take pride in keeping their lawns healthy and appealing, but the time and effort going into regularly watering your grass can be stressful. Instant Lawns offers Ottawa, ON property owners a convenient solution to their lawn care. Our sprinkler system design and installation services incorporate your lawn’s dimensions and watering needs into a discreet system of pipes and heads we carefully place with minimal disruption to your yard. We have professional irrigation designers who work with you to ensure your property’s water pressure and flow will support a sprinkler system and create a custom design. We have ample experience in this process, and we continuously work to meet or exceed your expectations.

Benefits of Sprinkler System Design & Installation

Instant Lawns understands how a beautiful, green lawn contributes to your home’s value and appeal. We design and install every sprinkler system to efficiently water your grass and gardens without the headaches accompanying manual methods. You no longer worry about dragging hoses and staking sprinkler heads across your property. In addition, we have provided a few other sprinkler system benefits:

Save Time

You can save valuable time watering your lawn by installing a sprinkler system. Electronic sprinkler systems can automatically hydrate your grass in the early morning without leaving your front door. In addition, we have sprinkler design options covering larger areas to ensure they don’t neglect any areas.

Spend Less Money

Manual watering can waste water and lead to overwatering some areas of your lawn while missing others. A sprinkler system saves you money on your water bill by using the ideal quantity of water to hydrate your grass and gardens efficiently and uniformly.

Improve Your Esthetic Appeal

We install our sprinkler system underground using advanced technology to pull pipes through the earth without scarring your lawn. Your system’s discreet placement and performance keep your grass watered without creating a blemish on your property. Additionally, neighbours and passersby will admire your lush grass and gardens because of their effective watering.

Instant Lawns Keeps Your Grass Hydrated

Don’t let lawn care consume your free time and leave your grass overwatered or underhydrated. Instant Lawns will gladly keep your yardwork convenient and cost-effective with our sprinkler system design and installation services. You can get a quote on our services, and we will discuss details about your property and watering needs.

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